Welcome, you're on the Road to Goa.

This website is all about the overland buses that shuttled between Europe and India during the 1960's and 70's. I operated my own travel service 1971-1980 and over the following pages there are tales and photos that I took on those trips.

'All aboard' is, of course where it all starts. You'll find some good tales, loads of photos and lists of passengers who were lucky enough to travel with me on those truly memorable trips! Not much room for modesty here.

I can honestly say that, good times or bad (and they were mostly very, very good), we always made it safely to our destination!

You'll find plenty of pics of Goa and India as well as pics of Nepal, Turkey, Afghanistan and Iran back in the 1970's on all these pages.

'Links' will connect you to other sites that may or may not be associated with the overland experience.

'Contact..' me if you ever made the journey overland. I'd love to hear any anecdotes or see pics you may have taken at the time! Whether you travelled with me or not, I'd still be truly interested to hear from you.

Whenever I get a bit of spare time I update the site with more photos and memories or just try and tidy it all up a bit!

So look in now and then, check out the updates, send me an email!

BOM Shiva Shanka!